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GP: Transformation of a city centre area into a clean urban transport area in Gdynia - Poland PDF Print E-mail

Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

Shift in modal choice of citizens who have the option of car use towards the alternatives. Enhance the quality of life.

The measures

Before TELLUS the city centre was constantly overloaded. Private vehicles were parked on both sides of the main street. The traction constructed in the early 60’s was mostly attached to the walls of the buildings, which caused vibrations and increased the noise level both in the houses and on the street. This type of traction disabled other vehicles’ traffic, therefore causing higher air pollution.

Due to the lack of bicycle racks and overloaded private vehicle traffic, it was not possible to encourage the inhabitants to use bicycles as a mode of transport for going shopping or for leisure activities in the city centre.

Description of the implementation

The modernisation of the Main City Street (Swietojanska street) is divided into 3 stages. It means that the street has been divided into 3 sections. Implementation of two out of three sections of the street has been completed within TELLUS. The final section was commenced within the project time frame.

Realised in the project:
* the installation of a new, more reliable trolley bus traction attached to new pillars instead of walls of buildings. The enhanced trolley bus transport will contribute to cleaner and safer public transport. The 1615 meters of modern installation can be considered as a demonstration project for other parts of Gdynia as well as other Polish cities. Reorganisation of parking places.

* The installed bollards limit illegal parking and allow for more convenient public transport, cycling and walking. Equipping the streets with attractive spatial elements of small architecture related to the public and bicycle traffic, for example the fixed bicycle holders).

* Promotion actions in which private car users were encouraged to use the ecological trolley bus transport as well as other means of PT and bicycles. The actions included among others: the creation of a dedicated Customer Service Office in the nearby area of the street a map showing the total bus network with all possible connections, flyers, posters, promotional gadgets, organisation of events (like anniversary of PT and Trolleybus transport in Gdynia, seminar on Trolleybus transport) campaign on the benefits of PT in schools, creation of map of biking routes in Gdynia, etc..

The first implementation stage was completed in June 2002. The street was officially open to the public on the Street’s name day - Saint Johns day. Key outputs of the first implementation phase: Increased number of trolley-bus users. The number of passengers using the trolley-bus line on the street increased by 13,2% on the modernised section. The noise emmission during the day decreased by 5 b and by 1 dB during the night. After the modernisation of the second part these numbers were 6 db and 1 db respectively. Lower number of private vehicles entered the area (due to reduction in parking places). Various forms of new initiatives appeared in the main street in the service sector with regard to leisure activities.

Implementation of the second phase was completed in October 2003. The results are similar to those obtained after modernisation of the first phase. According to last survey the acceptance of the modernised street as well as the implemented solutions was very high.
The modernisation of the last -3rd stage due to financial and technical reasons (it’s a larger section to complete) is delayed. It will be commenced within the project time period but the actual completion date is foreseen several months after the original projected completion date.

Partners involved

The City Hall of Gdynia
-European Integration Department
-Roads and Communication Department
-Investment Department
-City Development Planning Office
-Environmental Department

The Management Board of the City Communication –ZKM


For more information on this demonstrator:

Mr. Maciej Warszakowski, City of Gdynia,
Tel: +48 58 668 8438 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +48 58 668 8438      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The above project is part of the CIVITAS - TELLUS initiative

CIVITAS - TELLUS has brought together five cities keen to demonstrate that integrated urban transport policies can significantly contribute to fighting today’s traffic problems in Europe: Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Göteborg (Sweden), Gdynia (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania).

Main areas of work:
* increasing the modal share in favour of public transport
* increasing the use of bicycles
* lowering congestion
* reducing traffic related air and noise pollution below national and EC standards
* decreasing inner city car usage
* improving intra-organisational co-operation at city levels
* increasing political and public awareness
* reducing road casualties
* improving public private co-operation

Web site:

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