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Public and private Transport in the city of Gdansk is based on vehicles running on non-sustainable mineral fuels. This study will raise awareness of the non-sustainability of fossil fuels and test the market for moving a significant sector to a more sustainable fuel

Gdansk is the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland, and with its over 455 thousand people is also one of the cities of the highest population density in Poland. The city has a unique advantage as the centre of Poland's sea trade. It has lovely Old Town, full of charming cafes, and it is great place for people to live.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

High level objectives

    • To increase the proportion of sustainable fuels used by road vehicles

Specific Measure objectives:

    • To investigate the feasibility of operating bio-fuels (bio diesel or pure plant oil) in
    • Public Transport vehicles
    • Commercial freight fleets
    • Private vehicles
    • Guidelines for development of a bio-fuels implementation programme
    • Possible implementation of a trial (not GDAded within MIMOSA)

The Measure

Research studies within the Gdansk City area covering:

• State of the Art review
• Taxation issues:
• What incentives could be offered to operators or private individuals to use locally produced oilseed rape Pure Plant Oil (PPO) or bio-ethanol.
• Legal constraints:
• Are there legal constraints to the operation of alternately fuelled vehicles?
• Fuel supply:
• What opportunities are there for development of locally produced fuel, would this be an advantage in terms of security of supply and consistent pricing for public operators as well as commercial operations?
• Fuel distribution and vehicle fuelling:
• What opportunities are there for retail distribution?
• Adaptation and maintenance:
• Is there a network of small enterprises (garages / workshops) that could undertake the work?.

Implementation Status

This is a research study designed to test acceptance, user needs and the measures required to bring about implementation. If there is an implementation phase it will be independently implemented from outside CIVITAS.

Expected results:

The expected results are:

As currently configured this is a research study only. The expected outputs are:

Quantitative results:

Estimated current usage of alternative fuels

Verifiable results:

Official & legal documents

Transport Company policy statements


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