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Biofuel for local railway transportation

Project Details & Results

Monopolistic state railway company PKP is reducing gradually many local and regional train connections, situation of a local narrow-gauge railways operating previously as cargo and passenger carrier is under threat. Local NGO is extending their operations (now 5 tracks in Poland) by bringing back (being owner) public transportation services.

Project targets are to extend capacity (load, speed) by renovation of the track and construction of biofuel refinery (based on rape-seed oil and used oil from pizzerias, restaurants etc) in order to sustain and expand own operations based on own fuel resources, not exposed to external market with growing prices. Refinery capacity should cover demands for fuel for other 4 tracks in other parts of Poland. Expected reduction of emission of GHG due to capturing some local trips by narrow gauge railway as well as change of fuel (biological fuel instead of diesel).

At the end of the project planned workshop and debate of the role of local governments, NGOs in public transportation vis-a-vis non-reformed monopolistic state company. This political debate should promote local initiatives in taking-over local tracks, of economic value (when they are run by local NGOs and companies).

In summer time extra trips are organized for touristic purposes, generating extra income to NGOs, local farmers (secure market for rape). Education and policy elements (final seminar, promotion of sustainable public transportation addressed to the central, regional and local governments) will be implemented by Green Mazovia/ Zielone Mazowsze from Warsaw, partner in implementation. Green Mazowsze received mini-grant for project preparation (feasibility study) see: POL/04/3p

Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods

Local farmers will have secure market for their product (rape seed).

Gender Focus


Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples


Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment

Planned seminar/workshop bringing OP11 problems solved in this particular case

Policy Impact

Participation in nation-wide discussion about public transportation exposed to monopolistic position of PKP (state railways); an attempt in policy changes concerning transfer of duties/services of monopolistic owner to local governments, NGOs (our example); participation in national-wide dispute, an offer of constructive/ real solution based on innovative (rape-seed fuel) ecological solution. Planned final seminar (demonstration of effects, evaluation of project, invited representatives of government on all levels) prepared together with Zielone Mazowsze from Warsaw; this NGO prepared mini -grant, completed feasibility study.

This project is part of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) implemented in collaboration with UNDP.

Country: POLAND
Grantee: Stowarzyszenie Kolejowych Przewozow Lokalnych - SKPL (Non-government Organization)
Focal Area: Climate Change
Op. Program: OP6 - Promoting the Adoption of Renewable Energy by Removing Barriers and Reducing Implementation Costs
Project Type: Full
Operational Phase: Phase 3
Dates: 8/2005 - 10/2006
Grant Amount: 49 950,00 USD
Project Status: Currently under execution
Project Types: Demonstration, Information Dissemination, Networking and Policy Dialogue


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