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To stimulate high quality collective passenger transport services by implementation of Dynamic Passenger Information System and renovation of bus stops.
Enhance the use of innovative transport telematics system in a form of Dynamic Passenger Information System.


Szczecinek is a town with a population of almost 40,000 people situated in the Drawskie Lake District, in the northern province of Zachodniopomorskie Pomerania. The city's stunning location between two lakes, the smaller Trzesiecko Lake, with a beautiful park spanning its shore and Wielimie Lake, draws countless tourists.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure aims to improve the service level and to increase passenger satisfaction by providing real time information on vehicle location. The final goal of this demonstration is to increase the usage of the public transport service by offering our customers a quality service.The citizens of Szczecinek will benefit from a public transport system on European standard, which was not available in the city so far and it is also not often use in other Polish cities.

The Measure

The impacts of the measure will be measured by calculating changes of ticket sales to estimate increased attractiveness of PT for passengers. Timeliness of bus services will be measured before and after implementation of the dynamic passenger information system.

Implementation Status

1. Exchange of the old bus stops
2. Set-up of the exchange of the 20 old bus stops into new roofed ones with sitting places
3. Installation of Dynamic Passenger Information System at 20 bus stops
4. Demonstration of the use of the new bus stops equipped with Dynamic Passenger Information System

Expected results:

  • Increasing of the number of passengers using the public transport in the city
  • Provision of punctual and regular public transport services
  • Creation of more attractive public transport


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