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Campaigns promoting the use of the public transport and cycling

Influence travel behaviour with the aim to increase the use of public transport. Promote new forms of mobility to increase cycling, especially among school children and youngsters.

Szczecinek is a town with a population of almost 40,000 people situated in the Drawskie Lake District, in the northern province of Zachodniopomorskie Pomerania. The city's stunning location between two lakes, the smaller Trzesiecko Lake, with a beautiful park spanning its shore and Wielimie Lake, draws countless tourists.



Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The objective are:

      • establishing a new "mobility culture"
      • creation of incentives for sustainable mobility
      • development of a concept for reducing the ecological footprint of mobility
      • introduction of a new form of information and the facilitation of public transport use
      • usage of Internet to promote public transport and ecological behaviour

The Measure

The measure “campaigns promoting the use of public transport and cycling” will support all other measures at the local level in their dissemination and promotion work. Professional design and organisation of campaigns involving all local stakeholders will ensure an effective awareness raising. The audience reached will be measured in the evaluation of the impacts of dissemination. Tools like appraisals and questionnaires will be used to evaluate the impact on influencing mobility behaviour.

Implementation Status

Implementation of a campaign promoting the use of public transport services and cycling, concerning two thematic fields:

1. Changing the mobility behaviours:

 implementation of information and training programme “Safe way to school” aiming at popularisation of safe cycling; aggressive promotion and dissemination campaign among children and youngsters from Szczecinek’s schools,
 organisation of competitions concerning the knowledge about road traffic, artistic competitions, cycling rally within the city, activation of already existing cycling clubs and involving them in all activities promoting the cycling,
 production of reflecting cycling gadgets for children
 promotion of alternative transport modes in the local media, especially in the European Mobility Week duration,
 organisation of family picnics on a European Car Free Day
 billboards promoting the idea of development of the alternative transport modes,
 events popularising the idea of RENAISSANCE measures
 production of printed information-promotional materials: schedule of the public transport buses, water-trams together with the price list of water-taxis, rickshaws and bicycle rental points
 pneumatic tents with CIVITAS logo
 production and distribution of ecological toys with CIVITAS logo (wooden or ecological cane) in a shapes of miniatures of public transport modes: water tram, buses

2. Integration of local transport services

 creation of internet based Transport News Bulletin and creation of professional website of the CIVITAS measures activities on the local level,
 implementation of additional attractions for users of the public transport: water-tram, bicycle paths and renting points for bicycles
 outdoor promotion of the project: installation of 3D glass - cases information about the RENAISSANCE project and CIVITAS programme, CIVITAS billboards in the city and at main city access roads, promotion boards on the water - tram stops, CIVITAS banners in the main points of the city, “press wall” of RENAISSANCE project and CIVITAS programme, flying CIVITAS mini-airships and hot-air ballon with the CIVITAS logo
 marking of the cycle paths - logotypes of the CIVITAS project along the cycle paths in the main places in Szczecinek (park and city centre)

Expected results:

Among the expected results and targets are to get a level of awareness of the project within citizens of 75%, to get 65% of the citizens to have a positive image of the project.
It is also expected to get project ambassadors in the city and to raise ecological awareness in the society.
The increasing of the total number of users of the public transport services is expected, as well as awareness and the knowledge about new services implemented within the project (bicycle rental points and rickshaws).


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