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GP: Sustainable transport development strategy - Poland PDF Print E-mail

To implement demand management strategies
To develop safe and secure mobility plan and means of travel for all users
To develop mobility plan restricting the noice and pollution, including acustic maps
To develop the mobility plan, including zoning

Szczecinek is a town with a population of almost 40,000 people situated in the Drawskie Lake District, in the northern province of Zachodniopomorskie Pomerania. The city's stunning location between two lakes, the smaller Trzesiecko Lake, with a beautiful park spanning its shore and Wielimie Lake, draws countless tourists.



Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure aims to introduce transport development strategies and integrated mobility plan, which are not existing in the city. This would be a starting point for changing mobility behaviours of citizens and implementation of more well-considered transport plan. It would also allow to control the influence of the traffic on the environment and to prevent some harmful tendencies. Reduction of traffic noise and emissions will be important objectives of the urban development strategy.

The Measure

The measure consists mainly of process and impact evaluation.
Process evaluation will be the more important part, as impacts will not be resulting from setting up the urban transport development strategy, but from implementation of the strategic measures. The planning and implementation procedure will include participative elements.
Participative planning and implementation of measures is not an established “culture” in Poland so far.
As traffic noise reduction is one mayor goal, the implementation of “zoning-measures” will focus on that. The impacts will be calculated based on proven emission-transmission-immission models and supported by measurements.

Implementation Status

Based on the definitions of the urban transport development strategy and the noise reduction plan first measures will be implemented. Some zoning regulations will be set in place, the existing tonnage limit zone will be adopted to new requirements and a speed limit zone will be implemented, both for traffic calming, noise reduction and increase of traffic safety. The impacts will be monitored and evaluated. The implementation of zoning measures will be accompanied by dissemination and awareness raising activities.

Expected results:

-sustainable trend of the development of transport strategy and mobility plan for the city in the short-time and long-time period
-decrease of the traffic congestion in the city centre
-safe and secure mobility plan and means of travel for all users
-better control of the noise and pollution level in the city

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