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The actual economical and technical condition of the former Polish State Railroad (Polskie Koleje Pañstwowe) encourages to formulate sugestions and proposals in terms of wide technical projects, that would also improve its economical state.

Bicycle trips are getting more and more popular in recent years. Therefore there is a need to build the routes and paths for bicycles not only within the cities but also outside, in areas of unique landscape, and of historical or ecological value. The unused railways are perfect to be rebuilt for the purpose of the bicycle paths. The one-line railways are wide enough to be reconstructed as the both ways bicycle paths. The two-way railways could include additionally the paths for the hikers. Vertical curves and slopes of the railway are acceptable for the bicycle paths. Most of the side objects on that line can be included into the bicycle paths after required adaptation and conservatory works. And one more reason: the railway lines are usualy located far from busy motorways, what makes them even more attractive from the ecological point of view. The local authorities plan to transform the railway lines into bicycle paths and to include them into the international cyclists’ routes network.

Study of functional reduction concerning unexploited sections of the railway (English)

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