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The measure launches and tests a demand-responsive bus service in the areas of the South-East side of Krakow, initially using five small buses. This service is characterised by flexible routes and schedules responding partially or fully to the requests of the passengers. A 5% increase of public transport patronage on this corridor is expected.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure concerns to enlarge the offer in PT (public transport) by implementing a demand-responsive transport service, to integrate institutionally this efficient PT service tailored to individual passengers needs, to test demand-responsive lines in the suburban areas of Rybitwy, Podwierzbie and Biezanow in South-East Krakow and to launch the management and control centre for the system. Innovative are the demand responsive transport service and the use of private funds in PT.

The measures

The measure will launch and test a demand-responsive bus service in the areas of Rybitwy, Podwierzbie, Biezanow in the South-East of Krakow, initially using five small buses. The first new buses in the demand-responsive system will be tested on the lines 115 or 125 - linking the new demand-responsive public transport service with the city centre. There will be launched also the management and control centre for the demand responsive system introducing a new phone number to make the system available for all users. Research and technological development activities are conducted concerning the testing of small (8m) buses in the scope of operating, fuel consumption, performance parameters, functionality, evaluating passengers’ sensitivity (gaining their opinions and recognizing their feelings about the new buses), preparing maps and computer simulations of bus routes which can be used for demand-responsive services. There are some demonstration activities that come with the measure including the implementation of the irregular transport system by buses operating in dial and ride system.

Implementation Status

(Expected) Results

Expected results and targets are the increase in patronage in the flexible service area by 5% and the reduction of the costs of the operator by substituting infrequent high-volume services in low-density areas. There are additionally some preliminary training activities for operators. In the last four months of the first project period, a version of some key system components will be available for initial on-site operator training. These will include the booking/reservation sub-system and the service planning engine. This preliminary training phase will ensure the initial build up of local competences at Krakow public transport operators to prepare and facilitate the following phase of technology transfer and adoption.


Niewitala Grzegorz
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The above project is part of the CIVITAS-CARAVEL initiative.

The cities of Genoa, Burgos, Krakow and Stuttgart, their public transport operators, industrial partners, and research institutions have defined a common project proposal entitled CIVITAS-CARAVEL.

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