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Within the measure it is intended to introduce in the long term 100 CNG buses. MPK, the local public transport operator, will introduce and test ten large and five small CNG buses in the project starting with five CNG buses within 2006, which will operate on two lines linking the new demand-responsive public transport service with the city centre.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure concerns the increase in the use of clean vehicles and alternative fuels in the municipal fleets, the preparation of a new gas fuelling station, the adaptation of technical stations to CNG the inductive recharge system for electric buses, the decrease of air pollution in the city, the establishing of a clean electricity pact in Krakow and the increase in the share of renewable electricity.

The measures

The measure aims to implement 100 CNG buses at MPK, Krakow´s public transport operator. Within the CIVITAS-CARAVEL project, MPK will introduce ten large and five small CNG busses. The first five busses will be introduced in 2006, operating on two lines. Research and technological development activities are conducted concerning an analysis to select the best gas provider and the type of vehicles, the planning of the gas fuelling stations, the development of the framework for a progressive electricity pact, the study of the organisational, institutional and financial framework conditions which are necessary to further increase the use of CNG/methane vehicles, the evaluation of the operation of the new clean vehicle fleet in terms of technical performance, energy efficiency, environmental effects, reliability and organisational aspects and the evaluation of the electric recharge system in terms of energy efficiency, environmental effects, reliability and organisational aspects. There are some demonstration activities that come with the measure including the introducing of a mobile or stationary CNG filling and diagnostic station or the implementing of a progressive electricity pact.

Implementation status

(Expected) Results

Among the expected results and targets that can be easily verified are the increasing of the passenger-kms in public transport in the CIVITAS-CARAVEL area using clean vehicles with higher efficiency levels than conventional vehicles, the relative reduction in CO2 emissions linked to public transport, the improvement of the overall image of the public transport services, the initiation of a new local planning culture and the cutback of barriers to institutional cooperation. There are additionally some training activities for drivers of new methane buses especially during the test of the CNG bus.


The above project is part of the CIVITAS-CARAVEL initiative.

The cities of Genoa, Burgos, Krakow and Stuttgart, their public transport operators, industrial partners, and research institutions have defined a common project proposal entitled CIVITAS-CARAVEL.

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