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In order to ensure success of our measures and infrastructure development, proper promotion and advertising activities must be undertaken. We have to get to people's consciousness, so they know, what is MIMOSA and what are the goals. But more especially make them want to change behaviour.

Gdansk is the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland, and with its over 455 thousand people is also one of the cities of the highest population density in Poland. The city has a unique advantage as the centre of Poland's sea trade. It has lovely Old Town, full of charming cafes, and it is great place for people to live.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

High Level Objectives

-The promotion of citizens health and the provision of adequate recreation facilities is an important objective for Gdansk
-Equally important is informing them of the possibilities for using these facilities, where they are, what is there etc. as well as health promotion and aspirational messages to encourage use. The area for this Action is located a short distance from the city centre and adjacent to large numbers of high-rise dwellings.

Specific Measure objectives

-To enhance awareness of the recreation facilities with the potential for significant expansion in amenity value.
-Promotion of the use of new cycle way facilities and cycleway design in a large seaside recreation area.
-To significantly increase usage at all times of the year.

Innovative marketing and packaging of cycling and leisure facilities in support of the initiative to create safer road infrastructure

The Measure

For the first time the City will liaise with local traders in promoting this area. Some traders are present only during the holiday season, this information will also be communicated. This is a ‘support action’ to the development of safer and better recreational and cycling facilities. It is a large and important area for recreation very close to the city centre and accessible by public transport. It is important that these facilities are known to accessible to as many people as possible
This action will research the needs of the communities adjacent to the facilities and following development under action 10.2 below will promote the use using best practice in communications and campaigning.

Implementation Status

Management activities include supervising and reporting on measure progress and finances, organising and facilitating meetings with the involved partners and stakeholders, fostering communication with the other projects of the CIVITAS Initiative involved in related activities, acting as a single point of reference and conduit for anyone necessitating information on the measure. In doing so, the measure manager will report to the city manager.

-State of the art research into health and leisure provision and promotion
-Analyses of user needs research (pre implementation)
-Fundamental primary research will be undertaken into the needs, priorities and preferences for this large recreation area.
-Topics will include the cycling infrastructure, other facilities, cycle hire, and transport links to and from the area.
-The research will also include studies of brand images and visual and verbal stimuli so that an identity can be created for the area.
-Information and awareness-raising materials will be pre-tested for comprehension, visibility and likelihood to be effective.
-Post implementation and post campaign surveys (with a control area for comparison)

This action will also integrate with:

-Social network and tram (4.1)
-Education (4.2)
-Safe infrastructure (5.2)
-New cycle (6.1)
-Following works on the ground - also informed by this research the information campaigns will be implemented and their effectiveness measured by ongoing annual tracking surveys (with a control area), followed by annual and consolidated reports.

Analyses and reporting of data arising fro surveys:

-Direct usage counts ex-ante and ex-post
-Satisfaction surveys ex-ante and ex-post
-Cross city awareness survey ex-ante & ex-post
-Usage rates
-Trader reactions
-Communications materials
-Web site(s)

There will be extensive campaign design and implementation activity following completion of infrastructure works covering multiple media.
GDA will liaise with INTR for production of Fact Sheets and Dissemination materials.


Expected results:

The expected outputs are:

-Spontaneous awareness at 20% in campaign areas.
-Recall of campaign items at 40% for prompted recall.
-Increase in patronage of 10%

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