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In the city centre of Krakow there are three different types of access zones currently in operation (A, B, C Zones). Krakow will enlarge and implement a new access regime for the B-Zone. Main objective of the measure is to implement all ideas of the "Project of changes of the traffic rules in the city centre of Krakow".

Objectives/ Innovative aspects

The objectives were the enlargement of the access-controlled areas, the achievement of a social consensus for an integrated policy for the use of scarce public space, the improvement of public transport, making the centre more attractive for non-motorised transport and the promotion of the policy about car mobility restrictions. Innovative aspects are the integrated access control scheme, the concept of dividing the centre into sectors, the parking management scheme and the soft elimination of transit traffic.

The measures

Krakow enlarged and implemented a new access regime for the B-Zone. The main objective of this measure was to implement all the ideas of the "Project of changes of traffic rules in the city centre of Krakow". The traffic restricted B-Zone has been enlarged by several hundred meters. There have also been changes implemented at Karmelicka street (closure of both exits).

This includes an updated parking management scheme. Around 300 on-street parking spaces within the 2nd ring road and a nearby commercial underground parking lot have been removed. Within the project, research and technological development activities have been conducted regarding the planning of the extension of the traffic restricted zone, the development of an updated parking management scheme, including research concerning the amount of parking spaces in the restricted area, and the elimination of on-street parking spaces due to new underground parking lots and studies how to improve the control and enforcement of illegal parking.

What is also important is that Krakow has enlarged its C-zone (paid on-street) parking in 2011, by 2 new areas: close to the main railway station and in the Kazimierz district.

Implementation status

A conceptual project of the reorganization of the traffic rules in the city centre of Krakow has been developed and finished. A main tool to achieve it is the implementation of “sectors” in the city of Krakow.

Due to big political discussion and opposition of some city councillors, only some elements of the measure - extension of "B" zone have been implemented within the project. More access restrictions and the removal of on-street parking places were possible from July 2009, after opening of first underground parking lot (at Plac na Groblach). Nowadays, the city concentrates its efforts on the better control of paid parking zone, development of future extension of C-zone and what is more important for the B-zone – enlargement of the electronic access control system to all 15 gates to the zone.


The B zone was extended to Szczepanski square surrounding streets, with dimensions of approximately 62x62 metres and section of Dunajewskiego street to Garbarska street. The result of this operation is an increased length of B zone by 310 metres. There have also been changes implemented at Karmelicka street (closure of both exits). These changes do not affect overall “B” zone dimensions significantly, but both have had a real effect on reduction of car traffic in the area.

There are two areas where on-street parking was removed: Mały Rynek (“Little Square”) with 100 parking places and Szczepański Square with 200 parking places. These two historical squares were used only as car parks; now there have been restored to their previous condition and are again used as a space for pedestrians-citizens and tourist.


Tomasz Zwolinski

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The above project is part of the CIVITAS-CARAVEL initiative.

The cities of Genoa, Burgos, Krakow and Stuttgart, their public transport operators, industrial partners, and research institutions have defined a common project proposal entitled CIVITAS-CARAVEL.

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