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GP: Sustainable transport in SGP projects - bicycle roads - Poland PDF Print E-mail

Project Details & Results

Film on the sustainable transport – bicycle roads in the projects financed by GEF/SGP in Poland; Workshop with all OP11 grants and CPMT (Stephen Gitonga) was held in Kolbudy and gave the ground for educational/ promotion film on OP11 aspects (bike roads), 2900 copies on CD were distributed widely, as well as 1000 with English dubbing; it is follow-up to project POL/03/03.

Notable Community Participation

Participation of various NGOs/CBOs in distribution of CD on the local/regional level as a tool in campaigns for bike-roads.

Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment

Stephen Gitonga comments from CPMT/NY is bringing a global message to the Polish audience.

Policy Impact

Widely distributed CD film was used in information campaigns in various towns (Warsaw, Kalisz, Cracow, Gdansk, Szczecin etc) also was distributed widely in schools; Ministry for Environmental Protection asked for 50 CD films.

Project Results

1. Film on GEF/SGP projects on CD devoted to OP11 - sustainable transportation produced and widely distributed.
2. Film reached many NGOs/CBOs in Poland dealing with campaigns for bike-roads in various districts/towns.
3. Film is describing projects: POL/02/13; POL/02/20; POL/03/02; POL/03/03;, also POL MSP GEF Gdansk Promotion and Investment Bike Project;
4. 2000 copies in Polish and 1000 copies in English were produced; English copies were distributed during various international conferences by M.Hyla, project designer of MSP GEF (Dublin 2005); it was widely distributed by GEF/SGP.
5. Polish version was used by CBOs/NGOs in campaigns for bike-roads at the local level.
6. Film was distributed also for schools as educational material.

This Project is part of the GEF Small Grants Programme in collaboration with UNDP

Country: POLAND
Grantee: Trade Industry Association in Kolbudy - - (Non-government Organization)
Focal Area: Climate Change
Op. Program: OP11 - Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport
Project Type: Full
Operational Phase: Phase 2
Dates: 10/2004 - 2/2005
Grant Amount: 12 400,00 USD
Project Status: Satisfactorily Completed
Project Types: Demonstration, Capacity Building, Information Dissemination, Networking and Policy Dialogue


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