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Krakow has a strong political commitment to improve the involvement of the public and important stakeholders in the decision-making process of transport planning activities. The Krakow Mobility Forum, under the lead of the Mayor of Krakow, will be the first official platform to test better communication in process of transport system development.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure concerns the Mobility Forum by involving municipality departments, public transport companies, associations of public transport passengers and bicycle users, quarter councillors and shopkeepers associations, participating of passengers in organisation of public transport, the extending of the passenger rights, the enabling of the qualified decision-taking in transport planning. Innovative are the formation of a Public Transport Passengers Council and a Charter for Passenger Rights.

The measure

The Krakow Mobility Forum which will work under the lead of the Mayor of Krakow will include at least the following groups: municipality departments, public transport companies, associations of public transport passengers and bicycle users, quarter councillors, shopkeepers associations. The Mobility Forum will meet at least twice a year and publishes the outcomes of each meeting. One of the first objectives of the Mobility Forum shall be to support the development of a Charter for Public Transport Passengers’ Rights. Within the measure there are research and technological development activities conducted developing the Mobility Forum concept for Krakow (identify and inform the key stakeholders to be involved, define the way of stakeholders involvement and function of the Mobility Forum), developing the Charter for Public Transport Passengers Rights, preparing the concept and all needed political decisions for the introduction of the Mobility Forum. There are some demonstration activities that come with the measure including launching of the Mobility Forum in Krakow and of the Charter for Public Transport Passengers Rights.

Implementation status

* The first meeting of the Mobility Forum will take place in September during the European Mobility Week. This will be the base for future plans and ideas connected with future meetings.
* During the Mobility Forum will be the opportunity to exchange ideas between municipal departments, project engineers, bicycle users and representatives of pro-ecological institutions and clubs.

(Expected) results

Among the expected results and targets that can be easily verified there are at least two major events per year plus ten special events, continueing the high-level political support and the good public image. There are additionally some training activities which all are about awareness rising.


Stobierska Joanna
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The above project is part of the CIVITAS-CARAVEL initiative.

The cities of Genoa, Burgos, Krakow and Stuttgart, their public transport operators, industrial partners, and research institutions have defined a common project proposal entitled CIVITAS-CARAVEL.

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