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Communication is important to adapt and develop public transport services in accordance with user demands. A web portal will provide access to relevant information - including information on ARCHIMEDES - combined with an open forum for the exchange of views. This will offer a dynamic tool in the development of PT services

The City of Iasi is located in north-eastern Romania and is the second largest Romanian city, after Bucharest, with a population of 366,000 inhabitants. It is also the center of a metropolitan area, which occupies a surface of 787.87 square kilometers, encompassing a total population of 398,000 inhabitants.


Objectives / Innovative Aspects

There is currently no formal channel for communication and exchange of information between providers and users of public transport in Iasi. The website will establish a new way of communication with the users.

By receiving feedback from customers of PTI - public transport company in Iasi - through the web portal, Iasi will succeed in influencing passengers’ travel behaviour and modal choices. The city will then be able to make adjustments to PT services. The portal will act as a communication channel, receiving information needed to improve the quality and reliability of the services delivered by PTI.

The Measure

Iasi will establish a communication path between passengers and the transport company, by creating a forum on the Public Transportation Company’s website. The forum will encourage users to give feedback, giving the Transportation company with an effective way of disseminating information to its users.

Implimentation Status

By mid 2009, Iasi will create a forum on the PTI website as a communication path between passengers and the transport company. Iasi will keep a log of the activity on the website and it is likely that the website itself will be the subject of an Internet based user assessment. By March 2009 Iasi will issue a subcontract for the development of web applications. ARCHIMEDES will contribute to planning, monitoring and subcontracting.

(Expected) Results

Data will be collected before and after the measure is implemented and an impact and process evaluation will be carried out.
Relevant indicators and methods for this specific measure are:

  • number of hits on the web site
  • activity level in the web forum
  • nature of user questions and comments

Iasi will keep a log of the activity on the website and it is likely that the website itself will be subject to an Internet based user assessment.


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