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TRACECA Program has been created as an intergovernmental program, as a component of the financing program TACIS European Commission program for C.I.S. (Community of Independent States, divided from the former U.S.S.R.), equivalent to the financing program PHARE for the states of Central and East Europe.

To date, the European Union (EU) has spent 57.4 million EUR on 39 consulting projects and 52.3 million EUR on 14 investment projects for “The New Silk Road” TRACECA program. The focus of attention is road and rail networks. A list of technical assistance and investment projects are at the link:

TRACECA was formed at a Brussels Conference, 1993, attended by Ministers of Transport and State from 5 Central Asian and 3 Caucasus states. A Technical Assistance Program, financed by the European Union, was signed at this Conference for development of the transport corridor on a West-East direction from Europe, crossing the Black Sea to Caucasus and the Caspian Sea with an exit to Central Asia.

Although TRACECA is primarily a Central Asian and Caucasus initiative, the Ukraine joined in 1996, followed by Moldova and then Romania in April 2002, Bulgaria and Turkey.



Goals of Traceca Programme

Economic goals:
* Building up the necessary priers for development of the TRACECA corridor as an alternative to the North Transiberian route
* Unification of the TRACECA corridor with the European transport networks (TEN)

Political goals:
* Support of the political and economic independence of the former CIS, and afterwards, also of the states-participants to the Basic Multilateral Agreement on international transport for development of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corridor.

Traceca Projects - Romania

1) 2001/01-2001/12 - No. 28: Inter-Governmental Commission for the Implementation of the Multilateral Agreement on Transport - Continuation
2) 2001/11-2003/11 - No. 29: Harmonisation of Border Crossing Procedures (HBCP)
3) 2001/12 - 2003/12 - No. 30: Unified Policy on Transit Fees and Tariffs (UPTFT)
4) 2001/11-2003/11 - No. 31: TRACECA Co-ordination Team
5) 2002/11-2004/11 - No. 34: Common Legal Basis for Transit Transportation (CLBTT)


For more information, visit:

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