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Ploiesti_RoImprove the functioning and environmental compatibility of the traffic system components by implementing new infrastructures for walking and cycling.

Ploiesti City is located in the south of Romania, 60 Km North of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Ploiesti is the capital of Prahova County, and is located south of the Sub-Carpathian hills and northwest of the confluence point of two main rivers, Prahova and Teleajen.



Objectives / Innovative Aspects

  • Implementation of a package of modern solutions offering better design, access and security for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Increase city viability.
  • Improving of the convenience and safety of pedestrians/cyclists
  • Enhancing the pedestrian/cycling environment
  • Encouraging the use of transport resources with lower pollution emissions.

The Measure

Urban planning and development includes also infrastructure for cycling and walking which is a novelty in Ploiesti. Building a new future city means in the same time correction of the existing situation characterised by:

§  Insignificant pedestrian ways

§  No facilities for cycling

§  High congestion of motorised modes

§  High pollution

Implementation Status

The measure will create an innovative infrastructure for walking and cycling:

§  Designing of 8 kms of cycling ways and 4.30 kms of walking streets (the cycling ways are a novelty for us and there is another walking street but is a small area)

§  Improving works for links and accessibility, equipments for these first 8 kms of cycling ways and 4.30 kms of walking streets

The main stages of this measure:

§  Elaborating the Feasability Study (SF)

§  Consultancy of the citizens in order to established the best technical solution

§  Technical Project PT (it results technical solutions, Execution Details and financial evaluation)

Implementing walking and cycling facilities:

§  Implementing cycling tracks, including facilities and improvements

§  Implementing walking ways, including facilities and improvements

§  A promotion campaign will be started to disseminate a positive behaviour by changing attitudes.

(Expected) Results


§  Creation of the first real cycling and walking space, with facilities designed and improved;

§  8 km of cycling lanes created;

§  4,30 km of walking streets created;

§  Improve accessibility to urban core for metropolitan area community;

§  Increase proportion of alternative transport within modal split;

§  Low pollution and traffic congestion.


Mihaela Iamandi



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