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GP: Improved PT Information in Iasi - Romania PDF Print E-mail

With this measure, the municipality of Iasi and public transport company PTI will introduce Real-Time Passenger Information at bus stops, in order to inform users about the routes and waiting times

The City of Iasi is located in north-eastern Romania and is the second largest Romanian city, after Bucharest, with a population of 366,000 inhabitants. It is also the center of a metropolitan area, which occupies a surface of 787.87 square kilometers, encompassing a total population of 398,000 inhabitants.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Passenger information is limited to fixed schedules, but as delays occur during peak hours they may not always be reliable. As car traffic increases this is a growing problem that could have an adverse impact on the use of public transport. The availability of real time information is known to reduce perceived waiting time and increase user satisfaction.

The main objective of this measure is to establish public transport as a reliable means of transportation. The real time information is considered to be an important part of improving the public transport system and improving customer satisfaction.

The Measure

Iasi will install 50 LED panels at 24 bus stops in the CIVITAS corridor by February 2010, to provide real time information on public transport.
The equipment was purchased in March 2009 .

ARCHIMEDES will contribute to plan and monitor the implementation of the measure as well as will cover equipment costs.

Implimentation Status

During the early months of the implementation of the green light corridor, specialised staff will work with the drivers to train them in using the onboard computers.

On an ongoing basis throughout the course of the project, training promoters will provide training in servicing and performance of the new devices. These training sessions will address both the drivers and dispatching employees.

(Expected) Results

The measure is expected to increase the number of passenger with 20% on buses and non-motorized transport. Leading to users having a higher awareness of the company and of the services offered, as well to a more positive attitude towards public transport and an increase in travelling.

The final selection of evaluation indicators and methodologies will be specified in the final evaluation plan and be based on the interaction with the Support Action on Evaluation.

The initial ideas on relevant indicators and methods for this specific measure are:

  • Waiting time measurements
  • User perception of waiting time
  • User perception of the quality of PT services and RTPI -real time passenger information- system
  • Technical performance of the RTPI (e.g. down-time and accuracy)

Interviews with passengers by TUI - Technical University of Iasi- will be a key element in the site evaluation to demonstrate the impacts of the measure. Iasi and PTI will monitor the technical performance.


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