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The large number of vehicles represents one of the major pollution sources in urban areas. A clean public transport system is thus needed in cities to reduce pollution levels, and new technologies for buses currently offer a viable solution. “Clean fleets for a clean air and a health life" summarises the contribution that Craiova intends to offer


"Craiova is one of most beautiful cities, is the city of our hearts! Here we remember that we survived at all it was worse in time, we are happy here; here we complain and here we plan together the future." (Antonie SOLOMON, Mayor of Craiova)





Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Currently the transport of passengers by bus in Craiova is a powerful source of pollution and does not offer attractive travel conditions for passengers. Craiova Public transport is equiped with 36 trams and 200 buses, half of which are over 10 years old and, following the legislation of the Environmental Protection Agency, will be withdrawn in the upcoming year. Moreover, old buses do not contribute to strenghten the image of a city under modernisation.

Craiova Public Transport Company needs a number of approximate 280 buses and 50 trams.. The Public Transport Company – RAT - will buy 200 new eco-buses by using local financial resources and Structural Funds. MODERN will help to find new finding opportunities to further develop the renewal of Craiova fleet.

The new fleet will improve the image of the city: travels with public transport will be more confortable, more silent and less polluting. Those conditions will certainly reduce the need and use of private cars.

The Measure

One of the major sources of pollution in urban areas is represented by the large number of vehicles. The existence of a well organised system that will provide optimum travel conditions to the passengers would reduce considerably the emission levels in the city area.

In Craiova, buses are old and high polluting. New buses will thus be introduced and thanks to MODERN the city will develop a medium and long term strategy for fleet renewal and will explore new finding opportunities for more new buses.

The new buses will be monitored for 7 months and then an assessment of the effect of these measures on air quality will be carried out.

Implimentation Status

The measure include research, dissemination, training, demonstration and evaluation activities.

The following activities are planned:

Research activities:

  • Planning and design of the measure
  • Study about public transport capacity requests - Plan for renewal fleet
  • Business plan of Craiova Municipality and Craiova Public Transport Company
  • Development strategy and mid - long plan for fleet renewal - Funding scheme study
  • Analysis of funding scheme
  • Implementation plan

Demonstration activities:

  • Acquisition of 200 ecological buses in Craiova city by tender procedure (compulsory), using the opportunity of E.U. Structural Funds and local sources
  • Operation with new buses

Evaluation activities of the following indicators:

  • Passengers comfort level
  • Transport capacity (number of passengers)
  • Waiting time in buses stations
  • Level of pollutant emissions.

(Expected) Results

With the introduction of 200 new buses, the city of Craiova wishes to obtain an increase in the number of passengers up to 50% and a reduction in waiting time in buses station from 7 minutes to 4. As a result, CO2 emission levels are expected to decrease.


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