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Transportation activities release in the atmosphere around 33% of CO2 as result of fossil fuel combustion. Replacing fossil fuels with biodiesel offers a solution against global warming without loss of engine performance and without engine changes. For this reason, Craiova intends to offer its citizens “a better life by using alternative fuels"

"Craiova is one of most beautiful cities, is the city of our hearts! Here we remember that we survived at all it was worse in time, we are happy here; here we complain and here we plan together the future." (Antonie SOLOMON, Mayor of Craiova)

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

measure_493_large_enNumerous studies and scientific researches demonstrate that climatic exchanges from the last decades are the effect of the carbon dioxide increasing level, with transportation system being one of the most active sources. Replacing fossil fuels with alternative fuels is now getting a more and more widespread solution to tackle climate change, with mature technologies offering an attractive and efficient alternative. Moreover, biodiesel can substitute the current fuel with equal or better engine performance, without engine changes and with low level of emissions.

Following the experience of the other cities from CIVITAS family, Craiova city will start a set of actions that will lead to the progressive substituting of the fossil fuel with biodiesel in the public transport system.

This measure will introduce alternative fuels in the city of Craiova for the first time. The use of biodiesel on a large scale opens the possibility of quickly developing cultivation of biofuel plants, and the south west side of Romania where Craiova is located represents one of the biggest potential sources.

The Measure

city_CraiovaIn recent years, the necessity of having a clean air in cities has been at the centre of attention of many public authorities, research institutions and business companies.

The city of Craiova is well aware of this need and is currently working to achieve this ambitious goal, by introducing to its transport system 88 buses which will use biodiesel instead of fossil fuel. At the beginning, a mix of petroleum and biodiesel (up to 20%) will be used, with its levels steadily increasing to reach 100%.

The following activities are planned:

Research activities:

  • Planning and design
  • Data research and studies on biodiesel fuel
  • Identification of current and potential sources of biodiesel
  • Studies on engine modification
  • Application of methods and good practices from other countries
  • Analysis of the possibilities to open in Craiova at least one biodiesel pump station

Demonstration activities:

  • Test with up to 20% biodiesel
  • 6 months testing of biodiesel up to 20% mix with conventional fuel (3 months in winter and 3 months in summer because of temperature difference)
  • Test with increasing of the biodiesel percentage according to the studies and engine modification

Training activities:

  • Training for technicians.

Implimentation Status

Implementation of the alternative fuels in the public transport system in Craiova will be set up gradually by replacing in the early stage up to 20% of the conventional fuel with biodiesel and than using 100% biodiesel.

Three implementation stages are foreseen:

  1. Analysis, study and planning of the measure.
  2. Demonstration and monitoring of the measure: 88 buses will be equipped with special injection pumps that support the use of biodiesel. 
  3. Running stage.

(Expected) Results

The main result will be the introduction of 88 buses equipped with special injection pumps that will run with biodiesel. This will also serve to prove the advantages of this kind of fuel and its effects in reducing greenhouse gases.

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