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parkingrestrict_bucharestObjectives/ Innovative Aspects

To reduce congestion and promote the use of public transport by realising parking facilities and accompanying traveller information services at a public transport node and by restricting on-street parking.

The measures

The on-street parking and the lack of parking facilities within the city centre area are important causes for congestion. Because of the congestion, the transit time through the central area and the traffic-related pollution increase. The access of intervention and supply cars is hindered. The construction of parking garage facilities within the main traffic ring of Bucharest linked with the access restriction measures and an encouragement of public transport use, will considerable reduce the congestion and pollution level within the city centre area.

Implementation Status

The construction of the parking garage within the city centre is in progress. This structure will include more than 1000 new parking places. It will integrate commercial spaces and links with public transport and points of interest in the area, like the historical part of the city centre. Within the TELLUS project an integrated information system between the public transport network and the parking system will be set up. Besides details about available parking places, the parking information system will also provide information on public transport links and schedules. This real time information will be displayed on a large VMS panel placed at a visible location.

Expected results

To finish the parking construction and to maintain the monitoring of parking in the central area. To improve and extend the parking and public transport informational system for increasing the use of public transport and of the park & ride facilities.
Promotional campaigns designated to increase the public awareness about the benefits of car access restriction within the city centre will be implemented.
After TELLUS, the city will start deploying further car access restriction initiatives in the city centre.


The above project is part of the CIVITAS - TELLUS initiative

CIVITAS - TELLUS has brought together five cities keen to demonstrate that integrated urban transport policies can significantly contribute to fighting today’s traffic problems in Europe: Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Göteborg (Sweden), Gdynia (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania).

Main areas of work:
* increasing the modal share in favour of public transport
* increasing the use of bicycles
* lowering congestion
* reducing traffic related air and noise pollution below national and EC standards
* decreasing inner city car usage
* improving intra-organisational co-operation at city levels
* increasing political and public awareness
* reducing road casualties
* improving public private co-operation

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