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Manual for Companies

Increasing traffic problems require innovative solutions for environmental and climatic protection, particularly so in the business world. In Austria today, nearly two thirds of the workforce commute to work by car, while the proportion using public means of transport has decreased.


To acheive Austria's environmental and political goals, a coordinated implementation of measures for a sustainably compatible mobility is necessary, - including the Kyoto goal for reduction of greenhouse gases.

Both the public administration, and the economy and in particular also the individual road users are needed to play their part. A substantial starting point for the promotion of pollution free mobility is the means of transport for work especially at a business level. The methodology of business mobility management was developed as an important solution.

The objectives are called thereby: Gentle mobility and transportation rationalization, leading to reduced environmental impact and not least cost advantages for businesses, women employees and co-workers.

In a two-year model project, the BMLFUW used the instruments of business mobility management together with the Federal Office for Environment Protection (UBA GmbH), AVL List GmbH (Graz), the national hospital Tulln as well as Medienhaus Vorarlberg modelful. The BMLFUW supported thereby the selected model enterprises technically and financially.

The results of the model enterprises are encouraging and show the fact that business mobility management makes a clear reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental impacts possible, contributing at the same time to transportation rationalization and associated cost reduction.

The manual summarizes the results and measures of the model project and gives tips and notes for the production and adaption of business mobility concepts for your enterprise.

Download Power Point Presentation Mobility Management for Companies ' New Environment Support'

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