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Electrodrive Salzburg is a project which is run by the utility company of the federal state of Salzburg, namely the Salzburg AG. The goal of electrodrive Salzburg is to replace part of the traffic of the city Salzburg with electric vehicles of all kind and on this way to achieve a major part of the climate goals of the region.

Background and Objectives

The project Electrodrive was started in 2009 with the offer to the inhabitants of Salzburg city to switch to electric mobility. At the end of the year 2009 the project was additionally funded by the KLIEN Fonds, which grants EUR 1,9 Mio. and declared as a role model for electric mobility.



At the beginning Pedelecs, electro scooter and segways are offered and combined with an attractive leasing package, which even gives the possibility to return the vehicle after the agreed contract duration. At the end of the first project year 150 vehicles (90% pedelecs and 10% electro scooters) were using these services.

18 charging points are installed on strategic important and easy accessible hot spots in the city center of Salzburg and there are additional two more in the rural areas of the Salzburg state. To use the charging points, all electrodrive participants receive a charging card, which allows charging for free while having a walk in the city or during shopping.

From a technique perspective the charging points cover all requirements of modern ISO security standard and continue to work under wet or snowy conditions and are also to a 100% safe for small children. According to the CEO of Salzburg AG, Mag. Hirschbichler the project should be a role model for the future mobility of the federal state of Salzburg.

The energy is produced and delivered by the Salzburg AG and is 100% renewable, coming from hydro, biomass and wind power and with the help of this commitment to absolute green energy the energy balance of the electric vehicle concept is even better.



The project responsibles are very satisfied with the development so far and the expectation for 2010 is to have even more clients and to increase the product range with electric vehicles. The ambitious goal set by Salzburg AG is to have 400 electric vehicles in use by the end of 2010.


More information
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