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Alternative fuel vehicles in tourism arouse increasing interest, but the realization of the implementations is dragging. The tourism association of Velden decided to actively take up the matter and fulfil the wish of tourists for traffic calming. Therefore an electric vehicle rental system for the market town of Velden has been set up and will be expanded over the popular tourist region of the lake Wörthersee. 2


Background & Objectives

Velden is a popular tourist destination located at the western shore of the lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, the southern province of Austria. The tourist association (Veldener Tourismus GmbH) decided to implement an electric vehicle rental system in order to provide additional value for the region and at the same time to achieve additional bookings from potential visitors through this system. The overall aim of the system is to provide a local alternative to the private car, to lower the CO2 emissions and to foster the image of the market town Velden as a climate alliance town.



The concept of the rental system is based on two major success factors: the central coordination with a corporate design and the early involvement of the different stakeholders (e.g. insurance company, energy provider, sport outfitters...). The different stakeholders provide e.g. special insurances, bike helmets, child seats and electricity vouchers for participating companies. 4

Another notable key element is the overall responsibility of the tourist association. The Veldener Tourismus GmbH acts as a coordinator for the whole project and is responsible for the negotiations with suppliers, the purchasing of vehicles, the funding consultation for companies participating in the rental system, the cooperation with insurances, the preparation of rental agreements, the organisation of the construction of the recharging infrastructure, offers trainings for staff handling the vehicles and act as a central service point for repairs. Furthermore they support smaller local companies by offering a pool of vehicles and are responsible for the marketing and the integration of suitable excursion destinations.

The rental costs for the electric scooters and electric cycles are 12 € per day, 10 € for 3 hours, 50 € per week. Currently 15-25 vehicles are rented per week.



Thanks to the well designed concept and the holistic approach a total of 100 vehicles (cycles and scooters) have been ordered and 30 recharging points have been fixed already. The rental system is running successfully and a good media coverage and innovation for the region could be achieved. It is planned to expand the rental system to the towns around the whole lake Wörthersee by 2010.






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