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The company SC TRANSMIXT SA Bistrita, in charge to provide the public transport in Bistrita, Romania is committed to attract more young people to regularly use their services. As part of this commitment, an awareness campaign was conducted at four educational institutions.


Background & Objectives

The target group for this action was the students of the four educational institutions. This project is based on the thought that young people are more open to new ideas. The main objective of the action was to raise awareness among students about the impact of their mobility behavior and the benefits of using public transport. The students were informed about the opportunities offered by a relatively new public transport line (Bus line number 13, which stops near these institutions). The aim was to change their current mobility habitudes and to have a larger, long-term impact on their mobility behavior in the future.


TRANSMIXT made arrangements with the principals of the four high schools regarding the timing and form of all the planned activities. The Romanian Union of Public Transport (URTP) gave a speech to all the students and ten individuals were then chosen to distribute materials including flyers and folders in order to disseminate the campaign aims. URTP trained the ten students during a special session concerning the benefits that public transport brings to the citizens of Bistrita. Equipped with special white T-shirts (with the BENEFIT project logo and the slogan “Choose public transport for cleaner air") and a white cap, the chosen students interviewed students about their travel habitudes. In each location, in addition to the cultural program, the ten students presented to the audience the benefits of using public transport instead of private cars. This was the climax of the whole campaign.
The cost of the activity (including T-shirts, caps, flyers in a bus shape and bookmarks) totaled €350.


All in all 1,764 students were involved. Each one of them received flyers, bookmarks and BENEFIT folders (Romanian version).
The interviews conducted revealed some of the reasons why the students did not use public transport. These included: desirability of travelling to school in a fancy car (if it is affordable); ignorance of available bus routes; lack of knowledge about how harmful private car usage is for the environment.
Students liked the awareness campaigns and reacted to them very well. The survey identified barriers to the students using public transport services. Several lessons were learnt from this activity. URTP now has experience of the most appropriate way to organize such campaigns in schools (especially in terms of time correlation), as well as how to establish better cooperation between public transport operators and school management.


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