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The Project partner was the Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society” (CSDCS) and took place from October 2009 until February 2010. But there were other partner organizations participating, such as the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) Radio, whose ads helped promoting BENEFIT and public transport use through broadcast on the national radio of Bulgaria. Two different ads were developed, one 30 seconds long and one 10 seconds long. The ads were broadcasted twice a day between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. every day from the beginning of November 2009 until the end of February 2010.


The ads emphasized the main reasons to use public transport and the impact on health and  the environment. Both ads ended in an appeal: “Leave your car – be European, use the PT”. This slogan became very popular in Sofia and in other Bulgarian cities.



The total costs for the production and broadcast of the two radio ads in Sofia were only 1,800 €. In Palmade, Mallorca the cost was around 2,500 € to produce two TV ads. In Palma de Mallorca, there were no broadcasting costs since social media and the project website ( were used. The latter is a very interesting option to reduce costs too.



Although it is difficult to calculate the impact of a radio/TV ad on mobility behavior one can use the number of viewers or listeners as an indicator. In Sofia more than 100,000 listeners heard the radio ad and in Palma de Mallorca a video ad was broadcasted through different media (regional TV channel,, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). It is also important to mention the Involvement of the right stakeholders like journalism or audiovisual communication students, who helped produce the ads.


Some tips that are suggested to obtain more benefits is to know the media it is used for broadcasting the message as it must have the same target audience as your campaign; therefore, it is important to know the target audience too and fins out details as what cab make your audience tick towards a positive attitude on public transport, make them think about their mobility habits and even how to change their mobility behavior.


As mentioned before, it is also important to broadcast the radio or TV ad in free media,like social media or stakeholders websites. Finally,   use ads as part of a broader campaign, not as a “stand alone” measure and  catch the attention of the viewers/listeners, though the creation of a fresh, colorful and eye catching advertisement.




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