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GP: Uniunea Română de Transport Public (URTP) and TRANSMIXT encourage people to use public transport through a raffle-Romania PDF Print E-mail




The Uniunea Română de Transport Public (URTP) and SC TRANSMIXT SA, which is the public transport operator in the city of Bistriţa in Romania organized a project to increase the use of public transport and tool place from two to three times a year between 2009 and 2011


In order to encourage people to use public transport a raffle was organized as part of the promotion activities in Bistriţa. To participate in the raffle one had to buy at least one monthly public transport ticket in the four months prior to the raffle. From all the participants one person was awarded as a winner and won a monthly public transport ticket for the city of

Bistriţa. The whole event; the raffle, its rules, conditions for participation and ticket winner names were publicized on the local radio, at ticket sale points and at public transport operator's

Website ( Altogether there were 7 raffles organized during BENEFIT and they proved themselves as a very cost efficient measure that increased the number of public transport users.




In the city of Bistriţa the cost of the event was of around 120 €, per raffle, including the cost of one monthly ticket and other implementation costs.




The number of participants (those who bought at least one monthly ticket during the four months prior to the raffle rose from month to month – from 25 participants in the beginning to more than 138 participants in the end. Altogether 739 people participated. It was established that people continued to use public transport and kept buying monthly tickets.

In order to benefit more from similar projects as the raffle, you must make sure you promote the raffle through every available channel, meaning that to ensure success passengers and other members of the public (potential public transport users) must be aware of the raffle.

It is also recommended to hold raffles continuously (e.g. monthly) for a period of time and combine them with other promotion activities like information or open days. The prices of a raffle should be connected to sustainable mobility. In Palma de Mallorca, the winner of the raffle won a bicycle and in Bistriţa, the price was a monthly public transport ticket.



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