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GP: A new ‘collective transport’ service was introduced to transport ice hockey fans to/from the main stadium -Czech Republic PDF Print E-mail

As part of the ADDED VALUE project, a new ‘collective transport’ service was introduced to transport ice hockey fans to/from the main stadium in Znojmo. In this attempt, 2 new bus routes were introduced to alleviate previous local environmental problems caused by fans travelling by car to ice hockey games.



Background & Objectives

The Hostan Arena stadium of Znojmo has a capacity of nearly 5, 000 visitors. On weekly match days, the majority of fans travel to the stadium by car, typically alone or with one passenger. However, the stadium has only limited parking facilities which causes problems for both fans and local residents; for this reason, as well as to also save energy, decrease pollution and congestion a solution was sought.

An initial solution was proposed to organize some form of collective bus service to transport fans, and a working group led by the city’s mayor was established to look at potential schemes to achieve this. After negotiations with representatives of fans and bus transport operators, the working group decided to set up two bus lines to pick up the fans and transport them to and from these events.


Based on the consultations between fans and bus operators, two “optimal” bus routes were selected;

  • 1) Route Miroslav-Znojmo with 7 bus stops in villages en route;
  • 2) Route Jevisovice-Znojmo with 4 bus stops in villages en route.

The new services were promoted via local radio stations and newspapers, and special leaflets were produced showing timetables and bus stop locations in every village.

Results and conclusions

From September 2008 to February 2009, each bus service made 26 return trips to/from the ice hockey stadium. Each bus had the capacity for 120 passengers and monitoring of the services found that both services were almost full.

The main objectives of the initiative were achieved, with an estimated fuel saving equivalent removing 50 cars within the Znojomo district on match days, and corresponding savings in reduced pollution and traffic congestion.

The campaign has also a positive impact on other ADDED VALUE project activities and aims (e.g. the benefits of using sustainable transport modes and how the negative impacts of transport could be reduced) as the fans were provided with materials to read details of the project whilst on route to/from the stadium.This scheme was so successful that it was decided by the municipality to repeat it and fund it for the next 2010/2011 hockey season.


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