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From 2010-01-15 to 2013-01-14: The purpose of SuperGreen is to promote the development of European freight logistics in an environmentally friendly manner. Environmental factors play an increasing role in all transport modes, and holistic approaches are needed to identify win-win solutions. SuperGreen will evaluate a series of green corridors covering some representative regions and main transport routes throughout Europe.

The selected corridors will be benchmarked based on parameters and key performance indicators covering all aspects related to transport operations and infrastructure. Environmental issues and emissions, external-, infrastructure- and internal costs will be covered to get an overall and realistic picture. Based on this benchmarking, areas and candidates for improvement will be identified (i.e. bottlenecks). The next step will be to evaluate how green technologies may support improving the identified bottlenecks.

Among the green technologies considered may be novel propulsion systems, alternative fuels, cargo handling technologies, new terminal technologies or novel concepts relevant for the multimodal green corridors. The benchmarking issue is an iterative process. Next, a similar process needs to be accomplished taking into consideration smarter utilisation of available information in the multimodal chain (ICT-flows). An analysis will be made on how this information can be utilised to achieve greener logistics along the green corridors (e.g. e-freight, Supply Chain Management (SCM), smarter planning, scheduling and tracking & tracing).

Based on these iterative benchmarks and evaluations, new R&D within specific topics may be needed to improve the identified bottlenecks. Recommendations for future calls for R&D proposals will be made. Last but not least, the project will review and assess the implications of alternative policy measures for green corridors, both at the local and the European level.

The project takes place all over Europe: in Ukraine, the Transcarpathian Enterprise Fund ( is the official project partner.


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