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Ukraine starts commercial production of motor biofuels

10.10.2011: Ukraine has began active development of new industries - manufacturing motor fuels based on bio components. On October 3, 2011 the Ukrainian company "Biochim Group", a member of the Ukraine Association of Alternative Fuels and Energy Market Members (APEU) has commissioned a plant in Donetsk, to produce 30% alcohol-based gasoline. Fuel production is done on a complete production cycle - from raw materials for alcohol production to finished products. The plant capacity is 20 tons of fuel per day. By the end of 2011 this figure will increase to 60 tons per day. Currently the company is building a capacity-building second phase. The "Olympus" group of companies - one of the key players on the Ukrainian market of alcoholic beverages –has invested in this project.

According to the APEU President Vitaly Daviya, the Biochim Group project "is very relevant for Ukraine. Industrial production of high quality and cost-effective biofuels will create the basis for a general stabilization of prices on the Ukrainian fuel market, as well as the development of national programs to improve environmental performance of road transport. "

In the near future APEU plans, together with the Ukrainian Energy Stock Exchange to organize the first biofuels trading in Ukraine.

Source: ИАА Cleandex


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