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GP: Ukraine has been Included in the List of Countries Attractive for Developing Renewable Energy PDF Print E-mail

Ukraine has been included in the list of countries attractive for developing renewable energy

23/11/2011: Ukraine has, for the first time in history, been included in the index of Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices, a quarterly publication by Ernst & Young.

Ukraine is one of five emerging economies featured in the list for the first time. Besides Ukraine, the indices include Hungary, Israel, Tunisia and Argentina.

At the same time, projects in the field of renewable energy in the U.S. and Western Europe have suffered from cuts in government subsidies, poor access to finance companies and high competition.

China has kept its first place in the indices since August 2011; it is followed by the US, Germany, India and Italy. A third developing country to be included in the top ten, was Brazil.

One of the main factors, which allowed Ukraine to end up in the indices is an active support it lends companies to implement alternative energy projects (solar and wind) during the year. In Ukraine, about 90 companies are working on a ‘green’ tariff, provided by Ukrainian law, 15 of them - in solar energy.

One of the largest companies in Ukraine implementing solar power projects in the Crimea, is the Austrian Activ Solar. Over the years it has built up its power in the peninsula up to 147.5 MW.

Source: ИА «Новый Регион – Крым»

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