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GP: Non-motorized transport: to combat climate change and promote green tourism - Ukraine PDF Print E-mail

2/2011 - 12/2011. The aim of the project, completed by a local NGO ‘All Ukrainian Ecological League’ was arranging boat station, bicycle paths, horse trails, and promotion of using non motorized transport and green tourism in the area.

Ecotourism development is important for residents of surrounding villages, since the increasing flow of tourists helps improve the economic situation in the region. The territory covered by the project has a Christian spring of St. Anne's, which is a pilgrimage destination of thousands of Christians. The project aimed at introducing a new approach of not using motorized transport by tourists.

One of the goals of this project was to promote green tourism and decrease the negative environmental changes. This project provided an opportunity to conserve natural conditions of nature. The main condition for sustainable tourism is the desire to achieve a balance between the needs of the environment, society needs and the needs of local communities.

The implementation of the project provided economic development of the area, since it involved different sectors, retail trade, catering, transport and excursions, souvenirs production. The project activity is of special significance in the concept of sustainable tourism. It is organized and operated on the principles of sustainable development, taking into account elements of ecological education, which brings financial contribution to the protection of nature.

The project was implemented by organizing hiking trips, bicycle or horse trips, swimming, boating. Such holidays, close to nature, satisfy educational, cultural, aesthetic and moral needs.
The project aimed at raising awareness on climate change, non motorized transport and ecotourism, as part of a balanced use of natural resources through the media and the Internet.



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