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Developing a modern public transport system, Gdynia – Poland

In the early 2010s, Gydnia’s Public Transport Authority (ZKM) continually improved the services that it offered in order to ensure that the market share of public transport in the city remained at 50%. ZKM ensures that the public transport system remains integrated, is managed intelligently and meets the needs of its users.

The public transport system is integrated in a number of ways. Even though 20% of the services are sub-contracted, ZKM retains sufficient control over the operations to ensure that the system remains integrated. The ticketing system is integrated with those of the 14 neighbouring municipalities, so a ticket is valid in the entire area, while an intelligent traffic control system, which also covers the nearby cities of Sopot and Gdansk, gives priority to buses at traffic-light controlled crossroads. Dedicated bus lanes also facilitate the movement of buses around the city.

The city’s public transport also meets the needs of its users. All of the city’s vehicles have low floors (i.e. vehicles that can be lowered to be level with the kerb) to improve access, while there is also an on-demand minibus service for disabled users. Vehicles are equipped with audio-visual information for passengers to notify them of the next stop, while tickets are available through a variety of ways, including via text and online, and an electronic journey planner provides users with real time information on services. Additionally, regular surveys are undertaken of citizens’ preferences and travel behaviour to ensure that the quality of the service is maintained and that the services that are provided meet the needs of the users. Regular campaigns targeting children and the young in particular are held to increase awareness of efficient and sustainable city transport.


Contact: Mr. Artur Perchel ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), Manager Central and Eastern Europe, UITP


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