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New line and rolling stock for metro system, Warsaw - Poland

Timescales: October 2009 to October 2013

The Capital City of Warsaw and Warsaw Metro Limited designed and constructed a second east-west metro line for the city, to complement the existing north-south line. In addition, new rolling stock was purchased for both lines, while the train control system for the first line was modernised in order to further increase the capacity of the network.

The decision was taken to construct a second metro line in Warsaw, as this was considered to be the most appropriate solution to the transport problems that will be associated with an increasing population. The project included the construction of seven stations, including the central station where the two lines intersect, as well as 6km of new track. As the line was constructed in an existing urban area, and also had to pass under the Vistula river, specially adapted TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) technology was used to bore the tunnels.

In order to maximise the capacity of both lines, new rolling stock was purchased and modern train control technology was installed. All of the new stations have been designed to be fully accessible, e.g. to the elderly, the disabled, people with children and to cyclists, while the new rolling stock also makes provisions for these groups of passengers. The improvements to the metro system is anticipated to take traffic from the city’s roads, which will reduce noise, air pollution and energy consumption.


Contact: Mr. Artur Perchel ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), Manager Central and Eastern Europe, UITP

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