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GP: Completing the South Eastern section of the Iron Curtain Cycle Trail PDF Print E-mail

Completing the South Eastern section of the Iron Curtain Cycle Trail (Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria)

Timescales: 2013-2014

The Iron Curtain Trail is one of a number of pan-European cycling routes linking the countries of Europe. It is officially known as the EuroVelo13 route and runs from the Black Sea in Bulgaria along the route of the old Iron Curtain to the Barents Sea in the North on the coast of Norway. The aim of this project, which was supported by the EU’s South East Europe (SEE) Programme, was to develop the Iron Curtain Trail in South East Europe to enable it to reach the same level of development as other sections of the route farther north.

The project was led by the European Cyclists Federation and involved partners from nine countries in the region. The Iron Curtain Trail aims to improve the accessibility by bicycle of the regions through which it passes, including connecting cycling to public transport in order to promote integrated sustainable mobility as well as sustainable tourism.

The project provided opportunities for the stakeholders in the region to exchange experiences and to transfer knowledge. It included the collection of best practices, an analysis of the critical issues along the route in order to identify how best to develop the route, the implementation of some small pilot actions to improve elements of the cycling experience, including bicycle storage and connections to public transport and the promotion of cycling as a means of sustainable transport.

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