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Timescales: April 2014 onwards

From April 2014, the Polish city of Krakow undertook trials of electric buses. The aim of the trials was to test whether the buses, which are quieter than diesel buses and emit no pollutants when in operation in the city centre, work within the context of the city. If the trial proved to be successful, the city will consider investing in a larger fleet of electric vehicles.

The buses were operated by the Krakow Public Transport Company (MPK) and were mainly tested on route 154, which connects the main railway station to the northern suburb of Prądnik Bialy. Krakow’s long-term aim is to limit the use of vehicles using conventional internal combustion engines in the city centre and replace these with alternatively-fuelled vehicles, such as electric buses. The trials used both the Polish-made Solaris Urbino 12-metre electric bus, as well as the Perun electric bus made by Škoda Electric. The buses were charged overnight at their depot in order to ensure that they were ready for use the next morning. A charging system using a pantograph-catenary system, which is attached to the roof of specially designed electric buses, has also been trialled in the city.

Source:; Clean Fleets’ newsletter (2 May 2014); Public transport in Krakow; Skoda

Contact: Mr. Artur Perchel ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), Manager Central and Eastern Europe, UITP

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