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GP: Referendum on sustainable transport infrastructure in Krakow (Poland) PDF Print E-mail
Timescales: 2014
Coat of arms of Kraków
In May 2014, the residents of the city of Krakow voted in favour of building more cycling paths and constructing an underground rail system in the city. The city, which is Poland’s second largest by population, already had around 145km of cycle lanes, but many districts were not connected to the network. While planning had begun for a first metro line, this had not yet been constructed.
The questions on cycling infrastructure and the metro were added to a referendum that was initially only going to focus on identifying whether the city's citizens supported a bid from the city to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. While residents voted against Krakow holding the Olympics, 55% of those who voted supported the construction of the metro and 85% were in favour of more cycle lanes.
The referendum is believed to be the first of its kind in Poland and perhaps even in the region. The votes were legally-binding, as the turnout was nearly 36% - more than the 30% turnout required. The support for more cycle lanes was particularly conclusive, and suggests that there is a latent demand in the city for cycling. Krakow has withdrawn its bid to host the Winter Olympics.

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