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Timescales: 2014 - ongoing

Objective: Encourage employees to cycle to work and change behaviour.

The Bike2Work project was co-funded by the EU’s Intelligent Energy Programme and led by the European Cyclists’ Federation. The project brought together good practices for encouraging employees to cycle to work from 18 different countries, including in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. In some cases, campaigns were also developed and run as part of the project.

In Bulgaria, cycling organisation ‘Bike Evolution’, organises a bike-to-work campaign each May. The event is promoted using flyers, a media campaign and through social media. Employees are encouraged to cycle to work and record their participation. Participants have the option of forming teams in order to compete against colleagues or other organisations. Lotteries are also held to incentivise participation. Within the Bike2Work project, the Bulgarian Cycling Association added new elements to the campaign that had been run in previous years. One of the main new elements was to develop a brand for “Bicycle Friendly Employers” and to train these employers so that they would encourage their employees to take part in the annual campaign.

In Croatia, within the Bike2Work project, a similar campaign was implemented in Zagreb as has been implemented in Bulgaria. It ran in the month of June 2015 and was organised by the Cyclists Union. Again there were incentives to participate, as well as a portal where employees were able to record their participation and to form teams to compete against each other.

In Romania, the Green Revolution Association organises a ‘Bicycle with ties’ bike-to-work campaign, which operates most of the year (except the colder winter months). The campaign is a bicycle sharing system in which each participating company receives a pool of branded bikes for employees to use. The campaign is promoted using posters, newsletters and social media and also includes competitions and special events, such as bicycle lessons. Within the Bike2Work project, the Green Revolution Association organised a six week campaign in Bucharest that included competitions and prizes, along the lines of the campaigns in Bulgaria and Croatia (see above).

Similar campaigns were held in Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine as part of the Bike2Work project. In Slovenia, the campaign was called “Bring the happiness to work” and lasted five months. In Ukraine, the campaign was organised by the Kyiv Cyclists Association and was called “Spring Bike to Work Day”. It aimed to bring cyclists together to cycle together to work and to share their experiences.


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