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GP: Solar-panelled buses for Warsaw (Poland) PDF Print E-mail

Timescales: 2015

Buses fitted with solar panels will be in operation in the Polish capital Warsaw from late 2015. The city’s municipal bus company, MZA, has ordered 80 buses from Solaris, a Polish bus manufacturer.

The aim of the panels is not to provide power to move the bus, but rather to be an additional source of power for auxiliary devices, such as lighting and ticket machines. As a result, the demands on the buses’ engines will decrease, thus reducing fuel consumption by a few percent.

The purchase follows a trial of 15 buses fitted with solar panels. All buses will comply with Euro 6 emissions standards and be fitted with low noise tyres, eco-driving displays and energy-recovery braking. The buses also contain devices to detect alcohol in the driver’s cab and prevent the bus from starting if any alcohol is detected.

Source: UITP,

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