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GP: Measures to encourage cycling in Belgrade (Serbia) PDF Print E-mail

Timescales: 2015

During the 2015 European Mobility Week, the Serbian capital Belgrade introduced its first cycling lane that is separated from motorised traffic and a 30 km/hour zone. These complement a ‘park and cycle’ initiative that offers drivers the free use of an electric bicycle when they park in selected car parks in the city.

Belgrade’s first cycling lane separate from other road traffic was opened on a 3km stretch of the Bulevar Oslobođenja in the centre of the city. It involved the redistribution of road space away from motorised traffic to the bicycle. The opening of the route was considered to be one of the first moves of the city’s administration to promote cycling in the capital, which in turn is hoped will reduce the amount of motorised traffic. In addition to the new cycle lane, a 30km/h zone was introduced, also in the course of European Mobility Week, in another part of the city centre, north of Republic Square. The aim of this initiative is to reduce the speed and volume of traffic, but also to reduce noise and air pollution and to improve safety and conditions for cyclists, in particular.

Parking Servis, which is a public utility company that operates municipal car parks, operators a ‘park and cycle’ scheme at three of its car parks in Belgrade. A special parking card allows drivers to take up to two electric bicycles (one for a passenger) as well as the necessary safety equipment – at no extra charge. The bikes have 250W electric motors, which last for up to two hours on one charge.


City of Belgrade,


Parking Servis,

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