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Timescales: 2014

In April 2014 the streets of the Serbian capital Belgrade saw their first electric bus. The bus was an E-12 made by Chinese manufacturer BYD. Belgrade’s City Transportation Company (GSP Beograd) operated the bus on two routes that ran through the city centre, one of which was known to have challenging conditions, and on a suburban route. Rather than collecting passengers, the bus transported a weight equivalent to a full load of passengers, but still stopped at the various bus-stops along the way as a bus carrying passengers would do.

After three days of trials, the energy consumption of the electric bus was significantly less than that consumed by diesel and CNG buses on the same routes. After the successful three-day trial, the next stage was to trial the electric bus for a longer period of two to three months. This would enable more data to be collected and a more comprehensive assessment to be made taking account of how the bus operates under different conditions and with actual passengers. Once this second stage was complete, a comprehensive review would be undertaken to inform the decisions of the city authorities with respect to bus procurement.

Source: Clean Fleets’ newsletter (2 May 2014) []

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