GP: Real-time traffic data made public in Graz - Austria

As in many cities, it has been difficult for the public in Graz to get reliable information about the current traffic situation. Within Trendsetter, data from various sources have been collected, processed, combined and presented in ways useful to citizens and professional drivers.


In Graz, there are several street and traffic data systems, some of which are very modern. However, the systems are run by different operators and have not been interlinked before. Therefore, a common usage of the data has been impossible as well as common traffic management.

Within Trendsetter, a new model for data exploitation is developed, which links different data sources with each other. Traffic data from taxis (Floating Car Data) are combined with data from automated traffic counts and of a traffic control optimiser.

For the traffic control system, the following interfaces are established:

* Database of the street network, containing data about routes and traffic statistics.
* Radio control centre of the company Taxi 878, which runs a GPS system for their taxi fleet, by which the actual position and route of the taxis is recorded (220 cars in the fleet have a GPS transmitter that automatically reports its position to a central database every 20 seconds).
* Central traffic computer, which records all data from over 500 counting loops and numerous specific values of the traffic control optimiser.
* Internet platform.

The system calculates the actual traffic situation, including congestion levels, average speeds of network sections and actual travel times. The system can also model the traffic status for two hours ahead and model the effect of network changes, including changes in traffic light programming.

The public, professional drivers and many organisations benefit from the new access of combined data. Real-time information about the current traffic situation will be presented via Internet and mobile phone. The information will become the basis for strategic decisions of the traffic control station, which manages police, ambulance, fire brigade traffic as well as variable message signs and traffic light programming.

Even though all data sources have not been completely integrated yet, the system is partly in use and results are good. Rerouting or rescheduling of trips have reduced congestion and kept the traffic flow steadier. In this way, emissions from traffic have been reduced. Public transport is also faster since some buses and most trams are now prioritised at many traffic lights, which increases the interest for public transport.

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The above project is part of the 'CIVITAS - Trendsetter' initiative

TRENDSETTER's objectives are to ameliorate urban air quality and noise levels, and congestion while supporting exceptional mobility and urban quality of life. It will help other cities to see how they can curb unsustainable traffic growth by using advanced mobility management schemes.

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