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GP: Graz reduced parking fee for low emission vehicles - Austria

Low emission vehicles gets a 30 percent reduction of parking fees in Graz. The new differentiated parking system, encourages more citizens to use vehicles with less environmental impact..


The new scheme gives real benefits to low emission vehicles and provides a popular selling point of the new system.

For getting the special tariff the drivers have to register their vehicle at the city council. There they recieve a so called Umweltjeton (special coin) and a special sticker. The sticker is an official document, which is filled out by the city and includes the car number, type of car, colour of the car and an official seal of the city of Graz. In order to get the reduction, the vehicle has to be classified as low polluting according to certain EU regulations (EURO IV) and has to emit less than 140 g (130 g for diesel vehicles ) CO2 per driven kilometer.

In order to implement the lower parking tariff, the legal regulation, in particularly the local law, which defines the parking tariffs, had to be changed. A paragraph, that declares the term low emission vehicles and the special tariff applied, was added.

The discount was introduced at the same time as parking was made more expensive. Thus the discount for clean vehicles was a positive argument for the politicians in the infected media debate about parking costs. This ensured both political support and massive cover for the discount in media.

This Trendsetter measure has:

* established a system to classify and label vehicles based on emissions and size.
* signposted and marked parking areas, modified and installed parking automats that allow variable tariffs, and provided information to the public.
* evaluated results including influence on consumer purchase decisions.

During the introduction in spring 2004, the interest of the general public was quite high. However only 41 drivers of low-polluting vehicles were approved by the parking department until september 2005. The main reason is that only very few cars fulfil the set criteria. Mostly because they lack particle filters. Cars that fulfil the criteria are not promoted actively by producers and retailers. As more and more cars fulfilling the criteria become available, it is planned to carry out a special promotion together with the car retailers.

The City of Graz implemented this measure.

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The above project is part of the 'CIVITAS - Trendsetter' initiative

TRENDSETTER's objectives are to ameliorate urban air quality and noise levels, and congestion while supporting exceptional mobility and urban quality of life. It will help other cities to see how they can curb unsustainable traffic growth by using advanced mobility management schemes.

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