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GP: Conversion of PT Buses (LPG biodiesel) and their integration into the transport system - Bulgaria

New transition strategy towards clean vehicle fleets will be implemented in order to test the possibility for conversion of the available PT diesel vehicles to environmental friendly vehicles running on LPG/bio-diesel. As a pilot project, 5 of the conventional diesel buses used for urban transport will be converted to LPG/ bio-diesel ones.



Gorna Oryahovitsa is located in the central part of North Bulgaria, situated between the Sub-Balkan valleys and the Danube River.

Numerous churches, monasteries and monuments of culture make the town a wonderful place to visit.

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

The measure mainly aims to:

  • Implement a transition strategy towards clean vehicle fleets aiming to test the possibility for conversion of the available PT diesel vehicles to environmental friendly vehicles running on LPG/bio-diesel
  • Convert 5 of the conventional diesel buses used for urban transport to LPG/bio-diesel by replacing the engines
  • Decrease air pollution in the city

The Measure

Currently in the territory of Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality there are 13 bus routes. Additionally 24 regular bus routes link the town with the regional center of Veliko Tarnovo and other neighbour settlements. 3 school buses and 4 company bus routes serve labour trips. The daily average number of buses running through the downtown area is some 270 with an average interval of 5 min in between. The harmful emissions are particularly high during the peak hours. All the buses use diesel fuel only.

This measure will help to the:

  • Purchase of new LPG/bio-diesel engines and conversion of the existing diesel buses into LPG/bio-diesel buses to be used in Gorna Oryahovitsa public urban transport; purchase will be organised through an open public procurement tender
  • Establishment of necessary infrastructure for bio-diesel storage and distribution
  • Promotion of renewal and integration of bio-diesel in a mixed fuel for other private buses, especially school and company ones
  • Establishment of info-points on clean vehicles and alternative fuels.

Implementation Status

The Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa will provide the necessary local support during the elaboration of the Study on the institutional and financial conditions for conversion of PT buses from diesel to LPG/bio-diesel, and will implement administrative procedures related to formal adoption of the study.

Open public procurement tenders will be organised for :

  1. Elaboration of technical specification for LPG/bio-diesel engines
  2. Purchase of 5 LPG/bio-diesel bus engines
  3. Design of storage and distribution facilities
  4. Identification of suitable locations and provision of facilities for info-pints on clean vehicles and alternative fuels
  5. Support in training organisation and logistic.

(Expected) Results

The expected results are as follows:

  • Conversion of 5 PT buses from diesel to LPG/bio-diesel fuel
  • Reduction of CO2 and other transport related harmful emissions in urban area
  • Increase of passenger-km served using clean vehicles in the urban area
  • Production of info-pints on clean fuel.


CIVITAS Initiative 2009


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