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GP: Umbrella Project “Environmentally Sustainable Transport and Tourism in Sensitive Areas – Lake Neusiedl - Fertö-tó Region - Austria PDF Print E-mail

Implementation modules and projects


The individual projects of the umbrella project are being implemented under 5 working modules:
1.  Pilot projects targeted at innovative forms of municipal public transport

Implementation projects:
  • Municipal bus systems: “Gmoabus”:demand-oriented community bus schemes in Breitenbrunn, Mörbisch and Purbach am Neusiedler See ”neusiedl’mobil” in Neusiedl am See: combination of city bus (daytime) and shared taxi system (evenings and weekends/holidays)
  • Attractive public transport by night “nacht.aktiv”: extended evening transport services within the region and between the region and Vienna


2.  Regional public transport (make.IT) and a mobility centre

Implementation projects:
  • make.IT: Combination of existing and creation of new mobility services as well as the use of state-of-the-art information technologies to reduce travel times and improve cost structures
  • Burgenland Mobility Centre: The mobility centre team is involved in the individual modules of all implementation projects and carries out networking activities, e.g. concerning the topic of optimising public transport services or promoting (everyday) bicycle transport in the region.
3.  Eco-mobility and eco-tourism

The purpose of module 3 is to accomplish a significant improvement of the car-free mobility services in the region, especially within tourism. Within this package a large number of such services have been established, e.g. the Neusiedler See Card – also considered to be an “Eco-mobile key for eco-tourist services” – which gives visitors to the region inexpensive or even free access.

4.  Sustainable commercial transport and regional development

Implementation projects:

  • “Strengthening of town centres”: Projects have been developed in the following two cities: Purbach: This project focused on creating synergy effects with the municipal bus system (e.g. central information point, establishing a central square) as well as optimising bycicle transport. Neusiedl: withing the project “P.I.E.R.” measured are being taken to establish a better pedestrial and bycicle connection between the town centre and the lake Neusiedl
  • Passenger Information System in Eisenstadt: Installation of a modern monitor system to provide an overview of upcoming arrivals and departures of busses and information on delays and exact routing
5.  Tailored infrastructures and new vehicle technologies

Implementation projects:
  • Solar powered boat National Park: The boat runs on environment friendly solar technology and is used for eco-educational purposes and on press tours between Illmitz and Sarród (Hungary)
  • Nexbike Burgenland: This automatic rental bike system offers 6 terminals within the region to lend a bike easily by mobile phone and return it at any of those terminals.

The umbrella project is implemented and funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour and the Federal State of Burgenland. Additional funds come from the EU INTERREG IIIA Programme, financed under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In addition, it is supported and financed by a number of implementation partners, like cities, municipalities, unions and tourism agenciesAlpsmobility_city_bus.

The project priorities and modules were elaborated in cross border collaboration particularly based on an agreement of the Austrian and Hungarian Ministers of Environment including proposals for implementation projects. The project implementation is coordinated with Hungarian and Slovak authorities within the EU INTERREG IIIA Programme Austria-Hungary and Austria-Slovak Republic.









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