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Graz has improved 60 bus and tram stops in various ways. Shelters and better access have made more travellers positive to public transport and helped mobility impaired to travel easier.


In Graz, public transportation used to have a bad image since the stops were old with no waiting shelters and no adaptation for mobility impaired. Therefore, 60 of the city’s 800 stops for buses and trams were rebuilt and improved within Trendsetter. The stops are situated at important junctions, close to the city centre or at the end of lines. They were provided with shelters against bad weather and with surfaces ensuring accessibility for the functionally impaired.

In some cases, whole crossings were rebuilt at the same time as a stop at the crossing was improved. In one case, the end-stop of tram and interchange to buses was transformed into an attractive public space for the whole district. New stops are now usually also equipped with a bike rack in order to provide Bike&Ride opportunities.

According to passengers, public transport has become much more attractive through the reconstruction. The new kind of stops will be introduced step-by-step as standard in Graz.

Over 100 stops have been equipped with a real-time information system in order for passengers to be able to see exactly when the bus and tram arrive. Another way to provide good service to customers is to equip all stops with maps of the neighbourhood. This has been delayed, as a solution to provide this in automatically generated pdf-format is still underway and will be finalised in 2006.

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Johann Seiler, Grazer Stadtwerke AG. Verkehrsbetriebe, +43 316 887749, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The above project is part of the 'CIVITAS - Trendsetter' initiative

TRENDSETTER's objectives are to ameliorate urban air quality and noise levels, and congestion while supporting exceptional mobility and urban quality of life. It will help other cities to see how they can curb unsustainable traffic growth by using advanced mobility management schemes.

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