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According to market research, 70% of Belgian winter sports enthusiasts travel to Austria’s winter-sport resorts in their own cars. The main reasons for this can be found in the relatively short distance and inadequate public transport connections. Neither charter flights, nor direct trains run between Belgium and the West of Austria.

dorp_160It is the goal of Österreich Werbung Brüssel to offer regular, environmentally friendly and – what is most important- inexpensive travel to Austria during the winter months. Especially young winter sports aficionados are to be addressed, in order to attract this target group as alpine tourists.

In order to bring Austria’s strengths (undamaged environment, pristine nature) to bear, Belgian tourists are to be presented with an eco-friendly, low-cost and stress-free alternative to travelling to their Austrian holiday destination by car. The subsequent bus transfers to the smaller Tyrolian valleys should result in a reduction in the volume of traffic to and from destinations while assuring tourists’ comfort. The early arrival times of trains imply a temporal distribution of traffic at weekends.

In collaboration with the Belgian railways (NMBS, the main provider of tourist services and transport company) and Tirol Werbung, train schedules, on-site tourist offers, as well as transfers from train stations to hotels were coordinated in order to offer tourists an optimal product. Thus, a Belgian tourist has an opportunity to plan his/her entire eco-friendly trip comfortably while still outside Austria. Complicated individual reservations for trains, transfers and hotels are no longer necessary. Visitors can travel comfortably from the Belgian train station all the way into their Tyrolean hotels and can book everything as one package.

If the train was fully utilised in the winter season, 15,000 tourists would travel to Austria with TRESKI in an eco-friendly way. Experience has shown that each motor car used as holiday transport from Belgium contains, on average, 2.5 occupants. If these tourists were transferred to the railway, this would mean approximately 6,000 fewer cars in the traffic flows through Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany), as well as in the Tyrolean winter sports resorts.

Detailed information:

Contact person: Alfred Cossmann
Österreich Werbung Brüssel
Avenue Louise 479/47
1050 Brüssel

Telephone: +32/ 6422217
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact person: Jan Bleyenberg
NMBS/Belgische Staatsbahnen
Hallepoortaan 40
1060 Brüssel

Telephone: +32/2 5282714

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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