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GP: NEMAN RIVER TRAIL (Greenway) - Belarus Print E-mail

Belarus Greenway #4


Greenways definition


Greenways are multifunctional trails, developed in both urban and rural areas, for non-motorized users typically leading along linear green corridors, historic trade routes, rivers and railways. They are managed by local people in order to encourage sustainable development and healthy lifestyle. Greenways provide a framework for community-based initiatives and projects related to nature conservation, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable tourism and mobility. Greenways seek to address needs of locals and visitors and to provide a positive contribution to the local economy.(Sopron Declaration, Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development,1st July 2006).

Trail presentation


The Neman River Trail is a trail developed as a greenway, which extends over 10 km, starting in the historic village of Dokudovo, dating back to 1392 and located in Lidsky region in Grodno province. The trail runs to the Neman River and loops back Dokudovo. The outstanding natural and landscape values, watery meadows and forests of the Neman River have special significance for Belarusians, who celebrate them in their art and poetry.

The Neman River Trail provides access to many interesting natural and historical sites in the Lida Region. The trail is used not only by visitors, but serves also education and research purposes. There is potential for extending the trail along the Neman River so as to provide access to additional sites, recognized for their natural, historical or cultural values.

Main tourist attractions and towns along the trail (nature and cultural heritage)

* Dokudovskaja Sviato-Rozhdestvo-Bogorodickaja Church built in Russian style (1865-1867);
* Beaver dams and beaver habitats;
* Pillboxes from the First World War (1914-1918);
* Archeological sites - Belarusian Ponemanje, “Selishche in 9th - 12th centuries”;
* Local Folklore Museum in Dokudowo Secondary School;
* 'Nad Nemanon' agro-tourism farm;
* Excursion to Lida (nearly 25 km), the historical centre of the region, which includes a castle;
* White-water rafting;
* 'Dokudovo' Agro tourism farm, which includes a collection of Belarusian artifacts and two educational programs: “The Bread Way” and “From blue linen to white towels”;
* Horse carriage ride along the Neman river;
* Stroove Arc (included on the UNESCO World Heritage List);
* 'Kupalje' folklore holiday;
* 'Dokudovskij' State Biological Reserve;
* Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Main users

hikers (nature tours), cyclists, kayakers

Inter-modality possibilities and accomodation

Inter-modality possibilities (connections to closest cities/towns and options for using public transport train/bus) - local buses to Lida, then Berezovka, local train to railway station Baranovichi.

Accommodation in agro-tourism farms.

Contact to trail organisation

Jury Ogarko - Greenway Coordinator – „Dokudovo“ farm owner,
Dokudovo, Lidsky region,
Grodno province, Belarus
Tel: +37 801561 78240
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Agro and Ecotourism Association,
Dunin-Martinkevich str., 6,
Minsk, Belarus
Tel: +37 517 2510076, +37 517 2522781


Neman river trail project website

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