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GP: HORSE PATHS OF IGUMENY (Greenways) - Belarus Print E-mail

Belarus Greenway #3


Greenways definition

Greenways are multifunctional trails, developed in both urban and rural areas, for non-motorized users typically leading along linear green corridors, historic trade routes, rivers and railways. They are managed by local people in order to encourage sustainable development and healthy lifestyle. Greenways provide a framework for community-based initiatives and projects related to nature conservation, cultural heritage preservation, sustainable tourism and mobility. Greenways seek to address needs of locals and visitors and to provide a positive contribution to the local economy.(Sopron Declaration, Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development,1st July 2006).

Trail presentation


The Horse Trails of Igumeny comprise nearly 20 km trails adapted for horse carriages, with a network of local walking trails. Located approximately 30 km from Minsk in the direction of Mogilev, the area is rich in historical, cultural and natural heritage. The main backbone trail is dedicated to horse-riding and connects the villages of Smilovichi and Ivanichi. It is the first horse-riding trail in Belarus developed in line with the greenways philosophy, integrating natural, historical and cultural attractions with community-based initiatives related to green tourism, environmental education, as well as Belarusian traditional crafts and folklore.

The trail logo is a typical village house with a horse and resembles a Marc Chagall drawing. The trail name is taken the old name of Cherven, a town which was once the an important center in Minsk Province.

General characteristics of the Greenway

Visit a museum dedicated to the composer Stanislaw Moniuszko.

The backbone trail dedicated to horses, connects the villages of Smilovichi and Ivanichi, running through Ubel village over a distance of nearly 20 km and is signposted in brown.

Kayak route on the Volma river (nearly 20 km) is signposted in blue.

A Bicycle route (nearly 20 km) runs along the backbone trail.

Thematic walking trails (local loops):
Excursion through Smilovichi Village entitled 'From the 19th century to 21st century' which introduces a park created by Kazimierz Moniuszko, old Jewish and Tatar cemeteries, a muslim mosque and a factory producing 'valenki';
Liady Village with its monastery - 5 km;
Volma' state farm, famous for its carp, hunting and watching wildlife.

Main users

horse-riders, cyclists, hikers (nature tours), kayakers

Inter-modality possibilities and accomodation

Inter-modality possibilities (connections to closest cities/towns and options for using public transport train/bus) – local buses to Minsk, then Smilovichi.

Accommodation in local farms.

Contacts to Trail Organisation

Natalja Shilina - Greenway Coordinator and 'Konnyj Folvark' farm owner,
Oktjabrskaja str., 13,
Smilovichi, Chervensky district,
Minsk province, Belarus,
Tel. +37 1714 53115, +37 293 333075
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Agro- and Ecotourism Association
Dunin-Martinkevich str., 6,
Minsk, Belarus,
Tel. +37 517 2510076, +37 517 2522781,

Project website

Horse Paths of Igumeny Project Website

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