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Project objective was the evaluation of the potential threat to water sources by railway traffic (operating control points, tracks, supply stations, switch stations, train washing sidings and storage tanks) and the mapping of the project results.

Project description: The level of water quality vulnerability to the chosen sources of pollution was verified on the basis of hydrogeological survey of supply stations (Bøeclav, Modøice), coach washing sidings (Prostìjov, Pøerov) and determination of PCB congeners in transformer oils of supply stations (172 samples). The potential threat to water sources by railway traffic was evaluated for sources of ground water, mineral water and water reservoirs.

Expected Benefits:

Quantification of the position to water management and level of water quality vulnerability to operating control points and other sources of water pollution from railway traffic. This quantification will be used for conceptual, control and decision activity of: MTC CR, ME CR, Czech Railways, administrative bodies and makers of documents and reviews (EIA, SEA, and other materials).

Planned Course and Objectives:

* The national edition of water vulnerability maps 1 : 50 000, e. g. 196 map sheets
* The methodical guidelines of MTC CR "Methodology of assesment of potential water stress by railway traffic"


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic

Duration of the Project:

03/1996 - 12/2000

Project manager:

Jan Švanda, S 13 - Environmental section

Publications and references:
Odpady, 5, 1998, p. 15
Silniční obzor, 11, 2000, p. 257

Contact details:

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