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Objectives/ Innovative Aspects

Measure objectives
The purpose of this measure is to reduce traffic emissions in the city centre, to create more “environmentally friendly areas” and to improve the quality of life in the city.
The main objective of this measure will be the extension of existing LEZ, to create facilities for cyclists and pedestrians and to implement vehicles restriction access in the historical centre of Suceava .
Extension of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the city centre and also in some residential areas.
20 % of the historical city centre will become LEZ transited only by alternative fuel bus.
35 % of the main street located into city centre to become pedestrian street (commercial area).
Permanent restricted access for Euro I vehicles in the centre of LEZ.

Innovative aspects
The implementation of a small LEZ from previous European projects have had a very good impact to citizens from Suceava city. Till the end of first half of 2005 5% of the historical city centre will become LEZ as part of previous European Projects. In SMILE LEZ from the historical city centre will be extended and also LEZ will be implemented in other residential area as an innovative aspect of SMILE project.
Innovative aspects are linked with the new ways of enforcing the compliance.
Suceava municipality will intend to provide the citizens with alternatives to the current traffic structure and to existing vehicles and it will also promote a different way of thinking about traffic impact on the environment and on people’s health.

The measures

The first task will include consultation with all stakeholders (local traders , private bus operators, taxi operators , traffic police). The City Development Strategy (approved by the Local Council of Suceava city) pursue to extend the existing " low emission area "

Starting form second half of 2005 the LEZ will be extended (20% in the city centre till 2008) and implemented also in other residential area as an innovative aspect of SMILE project.
The new concept of LEZ into the city centre and also in several residential areas will be linked with the criteria under which “clean vehicles “ will be defined .The design will define the area to be covered, signage and time of operation .
There will be permanent restricted access for Euro I vehicles in the centre of LEZ . The municipality together with EPA will watch the obedience of this local regulation.
The “Eco routes “ for new alternative fuel buses will be the starting point for design the extension of LEZ.
First the entire main street that crosses the LEZ from the city centre will be closed for traffic in the weekend and from 7pm to 6 am during working days. Pedestrian, cyclists and roller skaters will have a entire street just for themselves in the city centre.
There will be new regulations regarding emissions, fuels and engines permission in the LEZ in order to have several area in the city where the level of traffic and public transport emission is lower.
One important part( approximately 35% of the total length) of this main street (that crosses the city centre shopping area) will become pedestrianised.
The aim will be that in the whole area of the historical city centre vehicle access will be restricted 7pm to 6 am during working days.
In this LEZ from the city centre public transport will be operate only with alternative fuel busses and only taxis with LPG engine will have access.
Local regulation will be elaborated by the Local Council of Suceava City in order to sustain the implementation of the LEZ. At the end of SMILE project 20 % of the historical city centre become LEZ transited only by alternative fuel bus .
The process of extension of the LEZ and restriction access for vehicles is estimated to be difficult to implement. Citizen’s support is essential for a successful measure.
The low emission area will include the extension of the concept into other parts of the city, it will include car restrictions for several periods day-week, and will create facilities for pedestrians and restrictions for heavy goods transport.
A large amount of publicity will be raised to promote the introduction of these new facilities both in Suceava and at the national level .Information campaigns will be performed in order to raise the acceptance of introduction of LEZ and also for convince car drivers about the importance of restricted access area .Activities will be developed together with local business sector , shops owners and private transport companies .
There will be local events (festivals, concerts) in the LEZ in order to promote this area like a leisure one and to raise citizens support for extend the measure.
If the demonstration project is successful then this concept will be extended in other residential area in Suceava and in other cities in Romania.

Summary of risk analysis
General financial situation in Romania and especially in Suceava could influence the overall implementation programme.
Local decisions which include access restriction related type of vehicles are also difficult to implement without potential negative reaction from public opine. This is avoided by promotion campaigns
Also implementation of the bicycle lane and access restriction for several streets in the main residential areas could depend of the rehabilitation and development of local infrastructure which could be delayed because of financial reasons.

Implementation Status

Implementation timetable for month 1-18
M 3 – M 9 Public survey. Meetings with stakeholders. Design of local regulation
M 10 – M16 Start extension of LEZ in city centre : access only for alternative fuel busses, LPG taxis
35 % of the main street located into city centre become pedestrian street
Promotion campaigns
M16- M 18 Start the implementation of restricted access, pedestrian and cyclists facilities
Elaboration of local regulations for new design of LEZ

Implementation timetable for month 18-48
M 18 – M 21 Continuance of extension of LEZ in city centre, facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
M 28 – M 48 20 % of the historical city centre become LEZ

Expected results

Expected results
• Confirmation of the environmental contribution of clean and less noisy vehicles
• Compliance with European air pollution standard within LEZ
• Increase in the number of clean vehicles
• Decrease ( up to 15%) of traffic emissions into the historical area
• Increase of public and political support for introduction of LEZ in the whole city




The above project is part of the CIVITAS - SMILE initiative
CIVITAS SMILE provides the strategy to combine a set of measures to develop an intelligent, sustainable and intermodal city traffic that makes it possible to live an active life independently of use and ownership of private cars

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